OpenDev is an annual event focused at the intersection of composable open infrastructure and modern applications. The 2017 gathering will focus on edge computing, bringing together practitioners along with the brightest minds in the industry to collaborate around use cases, reference architectures and gap analysis. The event is structured to have an impact on future development and integration efforts, achieved by collaboratively produced deliverables to share back with the industry and open source communities. Overall, the event is designed in a way to create focused, intimate and productive sharing of information.

  • September 7-8, 2017
  • DogPatch Studios
  • San Francisco, CA

Welcome to the EDGE of cloud

Today, almost every company in every industry sector needs near-instant data to be successful. Edge computing pushes applications, data and computing power services away from centralized points to the logical extremes of a network. It enables companies to put the right data in the right place at the right time, supporting fast and secure access. The result is an improved client experience and, oftentimes, a valuable strategic advantage. The decision to implement an edge computing architecture is typically driven by the need for location optimization, security, and most of all, speed.

How Opendev can help to

Advance the future of EDGE computing

OpenDev is designed to facilitate collaboration at a technical level with productive, working space, in addition to lightning talk presentations on edge use cases.

Targeted outcome includes:

Education of what differentiates an edge application and how to categorize them

Documentation around the recommended technology stack and architecture for edge

Gap analysis across OpenStack and other technologies needed for edge

Who Should Attend

This event is for technical experts in edge computing, cloud computing and cloud applications. Operators with real world edge use cases including IoT, machine learning and geographically diverse technology-empowered businesses are also encouraged to attend. Venue capacity is limited; attendance is limited to 10 representatives per company.

Andrew Mitry, Walmart
Beth Cohen, Verizon
Chris Price, Ericsson
Gregory Katsaros, Inmarsat
Kandan Kathrivel, AT&T

Format & Organization

OpenDev is a two-day event primarily comprised of collaborative working sessions, roundtables, and architecture show-and-tells with a limited number of use case lightning talks.

While OpenDev is underwritten and primarily organized by the OpenStack Foundation, the focus is on bringing together composable open infrastructure technologies across communities and industries. The programming committee is made up of experts across open source communities, with a particular focus on Edge Computing for 2017. A limited number of sponsors will also help with funding.

Code of conduct

All attendees of the OpenDev event must follow the OpenStack community Code of Conduct.

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