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Monday 25 - 20:21Level 1


OpenDev Opening Keynotes: Imad Sousou

Imad Sousou, Vice President, Software and Services Group and General Manager of the Intel Open Source Technology Center, Intel Corporation

Smart, Connected, and Open Source

As we move toward a world where everything is smart and connected, there is a massive flood of data. This considerable growth requires the data center to analyze and transform data at an unprecedented scale. These transformations are powered by an end-to-end infrastructure from the cloud and data center, the network, and the Internet of Things (IoT), and are bound together by connectivity. Imad Sousou, Vice President of the Software and Services Group, and General Manager, Open Source Technology Center at Intel Corporation, will highlight how we connect devices to the cloud, how edge computing accelerates the digital transformation, and how other open source software supports our rapidly changing world.


Intel Corporation

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